It’s official, the rainy season has begun and we all know that weather creates different mood responses in different people. A bad weather often leads to a “bed weather”, and therefore it also lead to bad productivity, right? So we’ve list down 4 helpful tips for you to stay focus on work and increase your productivity.

1. Find a workplace with ample lighting and warm atmosphere – Poor lighting on an already cloudy day is a recipe for disaster in the productivity department. The lack of sunlight and darker workspaces signals the brain to relax and start winding down for the day. Find a space with bright light that helps keep your brain awake, alert, and attentive. Maintain also an even and comfortable temperature in your workspace so that you can set your focus for the day’s tasks.
2. Set goals – Set clear goals for yourself and monitor them frequently. Prioritize tasks according to time commitment and priority level. This not only will give you a sense of accomplishment as you tick off completed tasks throughout the day.
3. Get moving – Constantly check in with yourself to assess if what you are doing is really productive. Being productive does not necessarily means  spending an 8 to 10-hour work sitting the whole day.  Get up, move and walk around a little. It will help you relocate yourself for a few minutes to get back on track. Not only does that allow you to fight restlessness and discomfort, it also improves your health at the same time.
4. Take breaks – Taking regular breaks is an essential component to maintaining a sound body and mind. Schedule break times for down periods and get cracking when you know you’ll be at your best. Set self-imposed deadlines and stick to them.

It’s important to stay productive through the rainy months for the same reason it’s important to stay productive during the rest of the year. You have a job to do and you’re always expected to produce great results, no matter what time of the year it is.

It’s okay to give in to that “bed-weather mood” (procastination at its finest) at certain times of the day but it’s better to make good use of your time for productivity is not measured by long hours of working but by giving results.

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